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8 Reasons To Watch The Future of V8 Supercars

To win “Shannon’s Supercar Showdown” a rookie needs to be level-headed, precise, and in top physical shape to control the fast and heavy vehicles, known as V8 Supercars. The show introduces the headliners of V8 Supercars of today.

There are some eye opening changes happening to the popular sport that’s been part of Australian car culture since the 1960s. Here are eight reasons to keep those eyes on the future races of V8 Supercars next season and beyond. 

Supercar Showdown S3E1-13

The Ford Fast Track Racing Challenge car driven in Shannon’s Supercar Showdown Season 3.

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Collector’s Corner: The World’s Fascination With Toby Jugs

On “Natural Born Dealers”, contestants compete over one week to resell items bought at auction for the most profit. The team that makes the most from their auction items wins the sum of the both teams, the original amounts, and all profits made during the week.

In episode two, the last items to be sold by Tony and David include a set of Royal Doulton Toby Jugs. The jugs are sold to the daughters of a friend, who is an avid Toby Jug collector.  The Jugs featured include a Fireman with a hose handle and a London ‘Bobby’ policeman with his whistle and Big Ben as the Jug handle. They end up selling the two items for close to $200.00 (converted from British Pounds). Natural Born Dealers S1E2_19

We took a trip in the Midwest  to see what this Toby Jug/Mug business is all about. Along the way we encountered some lush examples of arts and craft to share. Individuals can gain some valuable history and see unique editions and prototypes of the whimsical items called Tobys.

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