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10 of the Most Drastic Sports Tragedies

Superga Air Tragedy

On May 4, 1949, a plane carrying the entire football team of Turin crashed into Superga Hill in northern Italy. The plane crashed after the pilots were hit with bad weather conditions causing them to hit the wall of the basilica that bordered the hill. 31 passengers were killed,  which included the 18 members of the II Grande Torino, club officials, team crew and journalists.

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Everyday Items Turned Into Cash!

In Cash in the Attic, the experts visits the homes of families who want to get rid of some of their everyday items and turn them into cash. 

While watching the show you may find yourself comparing what’s being sold on the show to something you may already own! Don’t worry, it’s completely normal.

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The Next Generation of Inventors

Some kids say the darndest things, while others make the coolest things. Each week, “The New Inventors” allows three inventors to present their ideas to the panel of judges in hopes that their invention will move into the finale for a chance to become the Invention of the Year.

While most of the inventors competing on the show are adults, we have to take a moment to recognize the youthful inventors who saw a problem and came up with unique solutions to solve it.

They say, the children are the future and these kids surely have a bright one ahead of them! Check out five useful inventions from our Next Generation of Inventors below.

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5 of the Best Political Parodies

For many years, comedians have used politicians as the focal point for jokes and political parodies. This form of comedy can also be seen on Vibrant TV Network’s hit show, At Home with Julia. The show follows the life of Australia’s former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and her hairdresser, and boyfriend, Tim Mathieson.

The Australian actress, Amanda Bishop, nails the role of Gillard, who became Australia’s first female PM, holding office from 2010-2013. 

“At Home with Julia” repeatedly pokes fun at Mathieson for being a hairdresser, and insinuates that he’s inferior to Gillard, who deals with political issues like a food embargo and the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, trying to sabotage her run as PM. 

We’ve seen the great comedians of our time use the likeness of politicians, such as Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton on hit shows like “Saturday Night Live”, “Mad TV” and “The Tonight Show”.

Here’s a list of some our favorite political parodies of American politicians and presidential candidates. 

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