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Marry Me: Weddings Italian Style

On Thursday nights, Vibrant TV showcases a variety of great Italian television imports. Marry Me is a comedy drama hybrid series about the business of planning someone else’s perfect day. The action takes place in Trieste, a multicultural scenic port on the very edge of Northern Italy.

Roman transplant, Ugo, recently owned a book store near the Piazza Unità d’Italia. Nora arrived in Trieste from Sicily and has recently lost her position in the financial district of the city. Money problems force the idyllic couple to the aid of their relative Aunt Clo Clo. For free room and board, they agree to manage her custom bridal fashion shop, while she’s away for the year seeking medical treatment.

When a young marrying couple mistakes the dressmaker organization for wedding planners, Nora sees an opportunity to rescue the shop. She realizes that some type of expansion is necessary during a slump in weddings and a looming tax bill that may close the shop. Why focus solely on the gown and tuxedo, when more revenue can be had for the complete wedding experience?

Ugo designs brochures with their new name, Happy Like Us. Cards are placed around town, guaranteeing the most romantic, picture perfect weddings. They use themselves as models of the perfect happy couple.


Guiding people to their wedding day, arranging the guests and festivities before and after like a pro can be a dangerous game, especially when you’re selling a service you know little about.

A more suitable moniker for this smart looking business would be:

 It’s Complicated, (No, Really, Really Complicated) Like Us!

First off, their wedding years ago, was actually a whirlwind jaunt to City Hall. There was no planning, no venue, no custom bridal gown. The flowers were a small bouquet purchased on the way.

Second, their happiness as a couple is an elaborate public relations rouse. Only those close to the pair know they are near the final stages of a bitter, drawn out divorce. Both are fed up with their marriage and constantly pester their weary lawyer to speed up the divorce process.

There is only the shell of a past relationship to mirror. If it weren’t for their shared concern for their dog, they would not have seen each other for years.


Uno, named after Ugo and Nora.


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Vibrant Phrases in Every Day Life: Going,Gone Pear-Shaped

“Gone pear-shaped” means events haven’t evolved as planned. In fact, they’ve gone all wrong. Putting a vibrant name on a  horrible situation, the viewer hears this phrase on Agony Uncles when the Uncles discuss the end of a relationship. Also, Paul Bannister uses the analogy to wax poetic the direction of events in Love is a Four Letter Word. Pear could be one of those pesky four letter words! 

This expression’s origins are a debated mystery, even in the countries that use it often (England, Australia and New Zealand). Research, so far, has not yet coined an inventor of this fruitful situation. Surprisingly, this one doesn’t belong to The Bard! 

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Why Do Canadians Love Hockey?

Canadian Hockey Fans The Vibrant TV series On the Edge is a documentary series that follows the journey of the World Hockey League team the Saskatoon Blades as they head into the 2013 Mastercard Memorial Cup. The 8-episode saga introduces the team’s owner Jack Brodsky whose family have owned the Canadian hockey team since the 1960s, and whose father’s dream was to win a Memorial Cup. Brodsky has now inherited this dream.

The young people competing for the Memorial Cup also have fiercely personal dreams of fame and success as well as a responsibility to their families. They know men in their positions have gone on to become Canadian hockey legends. It’s the stuff of opera. The high emotions and physical stakes are intense and at a level it could be argued is a shade brighter than Americans feel about their sports.

Why oh why do our friends north of the border love hockey so darn much?! A convenience of the weather? Is it cultural conditioning? Tradition? There are few other options? Is hockey really that good? Continue reading