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6 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

On this week’s featured episode of Entrada, Roanna visits Rio de Janiero, Brazil. While in Rio, she learns how to make feijoada, one of Brazil’s signature dishes, and visit some of the cities most charming sites. There are a lot of things to do in Rio de Janeiro, so we compiled a list of places to visit and activities to participate in while in the urban paradise. 

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The Unlucky Lottery Winners

For many people,  winning the lottery is a bet they’re willing to gamble on. But who said winning the lottery makes someone a lucky person?

The Vibrant TV Network drama, The Insider’s Guide to Happiness, follows the lives of eight, mostly unconnected, individuals affected by a tragic accident. The narrator of the story, Matthew, purchases a lottery ticket which would have landed him a $6.3 million (New Zealand dollars) break. Unfortunately, Matthew’s life is cut short when he is struck by an ambulance and the ticket is gone with the wind.  



That is until, Tina finds the ticket, completely unaware of the big winnings that await her. When Tina learns of her winnings, she buys a fancy sports car for her boyfriend, who is sadly cheating on her. 

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5 Must-See Museums in the UK

The United Kingdom is so rich in history that there are more than 1,800 accredited museums. The endless options make it difficult to decide which to visit, especially if your trip is brief. Here is a list of 5 Must-See museums while you tour around England.  They are also featured in short segments on season 7 of Antiques Road Trip.

1. Greater Manchester Police Museum

Greater Manchester Police Museum

The Greater Manchester Police Museum is a former police station that was converted into a museum in 1981. The museum is home to police paraphernalia and early criminal records like the ones pictured below.

Police paraphernalia at the Greater Manchester Police Museum

Thieves album at the Greater Manchester Police Museum

This is a picture from one of the pages in the “thieves album.”

The museum has been restored and looks like it would have in the 19th century. Below are pictures from inside a cell. 

Inside a jail cell at the Greater Manchester Police Museum

Toilet inside the jail cell at the Greater Manchester Police Museum 

Check out Charles Hanson’s visit during his Antiques Road Trip here.

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