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Different Dart Games: Strange Variations of the Classic Game

different darts

Who knew there were so many ways to play? Check out these unique variations on different dart games

We’re all aware of the old pub game of darts, but not everyone is aware of all the different ways to play the game, and how difficult darts can be. After watching Dubai Darts it got me thinking, “There has to be different dart games out there to play, while keeping with the spirit of the sport.” If you’ve been playing the same darts game for awhile now, you might be looking for a more exciting way to play. If so, read this list of other ways to play and you might surprise yourself with how much fun you’ll have playing different dart games. Continue reading

Private Sale Tips: eBay or Craigslist?

ebay, craigslist, private sale

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the best way to sell my stuff?” This handy guide will help you decide if Craigslist or eBay is the best bet for you

A private sale can go great and you’ll get the deal of a lifetime, but if you’re not careful you could wind up being the sucker in somebody else’s deal of a lifetime. Following this list of private sale tips, and watching My Life For Sale, will help you end up on the right side of the deal. The question is, though, where do you sell? eBay, or Craigslist?

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How Not to Give Your Kids The Sex Talk

In the series,  the “Agony of Life”, Australia’s funniest comedians share everything from embarrassing childhood moments to bad career choices to that awkward sex talk conversation with their parents. 

The sex talk can be cringe worthy for both the parents and the child. With help from a few Twitter users, we compiled a list of resourceful do’s and don’ts for parents when they have the sex talk with their children for the first time. 

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Travel Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

There’s so much of the world to see that you’ll never see it all, but to make the most of your worldly journeys, follow these helpful travel tips as a tourist to stay alive and experience the country’s cultures to the fullest.

DON’T Look Like A Tourist

tourist, photographer, tourism, travel tips

An artist’s depiction of an annoying tourist in their standard pose

Looking like a tourist is an easy way to be singled out by the locals when traveling abroad, so follow these travel tips to not stick out. While traveling, you want to become a part of your surroundings to get the full experience, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. This includes wearing a camera strapped around your neck, walking around with a selfie stick, double walking sticks, or anything else that draws attention to you like a sign around your neck proclaiming, “I AM AN AMERICAN! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!” Continue reading

First Dates: Do’s and Dont’s

How do you make the first date a good one? Hard to say. Luckily, our Agony Uncles are here to help! In episode 2, they share their dating experiences and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

Take a look at what conversations to avoid on a first date:

Watch the full episode here and let us know whether or not you agree with them. Take this quick poll to share your thoughts with us:



The Best Food in Australia

Some of the best food in Australia is prepared by top chefs Ben O’Donoghue and Darren Simpson, and ex-rock’n’roll singer and super cook Anna Gare. Each week on The Best in Australia, the chefs compete in two cook-offs in hopes of winning over the food loving critics.

The chefs prepare food from Australia, Mexico, Italy, the U.S. and many other countries. Australia has a rich and exciting culinary history that the show doesn’t get to explore much. So we decided to put together a list of the best food in Australia. 

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