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A Chivalrous Woman: Chivalry Is A Two-Way Street


Chivalrous woman? Man? It’s all the same!

After watching an episode of Agony Aunts, in which they discussed the importance of chivalry towards a woman, I came to the realization that chivalry can work for both sexes. Chivalry shouldn’t only be reserved for the women of the world. Men deserve to be treated like royalty as much as women do, and it’s time somebody said something. Men put in a lot of work trying to attract the opposite sex, so It’s appreciated when it comes back the other way. If you’re looking to hold on to the man you have now, or wanting to catch the attention of one, then follow these tips for being a chivalrous woman.

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Things To Know About Irish Stepdance


What don’t you know about Irish Stepdance ? Come find out!

As evidenced by the show Dancing Down Under, Irish Stepdance is brimming with pageantry and tradition. Filled with fantastic outfits, delicate and graceful footwork, and giant hair-dos, this classic dance routine is a real sight to see. If you’ve seen our show on Irish Stepdance, Dancing Down Under, then you might be curious to know more about the elaborate outfits worn. 

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Mockumentary Madness – After The Lost World Cup

The Lost World Cup presents the details of the thrilling 1942 South American World Cup match that most of the world thought had been canceled by World War II. Sponsored by a the football obsessed Count Von Otz, the international sport plays as scheduled. The semi final matches are influenced and obscured by world events.

Due to a violent storm, that delays play and destroys the arena on the same day, no footage of the final bout between Nazi Germany and the talented team of Mapuche Indians survived. That is until a few years ago, when a camera is recovered at a building site in Argentina. Researchers are hopeful that the film inside contains the match footage. Perhaps, the world can finally know the Lost World Cup Champion. 

Stay for the credits! They reveal that this movie is freely adapted from a short story, The Son of Butch Cassidy.  It’s actually a clever mockumentary presenting author Osvaldo Soriano’s fiction as fact. With interviews of experts in on ‘the joke’ , some faded footage, and actors pretending to remember their participation in the games. 

Once you enjoy the ‘true story’ of the Lost World Cup on Vibrant TV Network, check out these other popular mockumentaries. Don’t let the famous faces and evidence presentation fool you, the following movies are heavy fiction with a few tasty facts woven in. 

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Top 6 Italian Wedding Destinations

Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations. It’s a beautiful country with plenty of options ranging from metropolitan cities to small villages. Whether you choose to marry at a city hall or a vineyard, Italy is a destination that will not disappoint. 

The Italian drama “Marry Me” features a young couple starting a business as wedding planners in the midst of their divorce. Throughout the series, they plan a variety of weddings in romantic settings, which ultimately rekindles their love. Are you planning a wedding? Here are 6 top Italian wedding destinations:

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