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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Australian History

After watching a few episodes of the award winning series Redfern Now I was curious about the history of the show’s country, Australia. There are many topics the show touches on, but there’s even more that I didn’t know about Australia. Missing Prime Ministers, bullet-proof men robbing banks, and many other interesting things that you probably didn’t know about Australia either. Not only did Australians invent Wi-Fi, they also have some very large and some very small claims to land that make them a fascinating country to study.

Missing Prime Minister: Where’s Harold? 

Harold Holt, didn't know about australia

Looking good, Harold!

Here’s something you didn’t know about Australia: Australia once lost their leader at sea.

Harold Holt was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1966-67, wherein he mysteriously disappeared before the end of his term. Known for his strong swimming skills he would often venture out into dangerous waters where no other swimmers would go. He was known for being more akin to swimming than to walking, and said that he felt more at home in the sea. He likely died by swimming too far out and being unable to swim back to shore. He had a bad shoulder and his doctor advised against swimming that day, but Harold had his mind made up. 

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10 Strange Golf Rules/Decisions You Didn’t Know Existed

PGA EuroPro Tour 2014 strange golf rules

Take a swing at some of these strange golf rules!

After rewatching our coverage of the PGA EuroPro Tour I noticed that there were so many strange golf rules in the game. I thought, “There’s no way it could get any weirder, right?” Wrong! There is a 600+ page of rules published by the USGA (United States Golf Association) that details every one of the specific and strange golf rules that you could think of. Follow this list to find out some things about the sport that you probably didn’t know.

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5 Small, Unforeseen Events With Big Impacts

WorldMap unforseen events

Small, unforeseen events can affect our world in big ways

From The Insider’s Guide to Happiness we learn that small, unforeseen events can lead to some tremendous outcomes. In the show, a character getting hit by a runaway ambulance, leads to a myriad of strange circumstances. A person chokes, causing an ambulance to be called. Another character is stuck in the car-wash, honking their horn for assistance, while another character is surprised by the honking horn, drops a vase she was carrying, causing a biker to swerve from almost hitting her. The biker swerves into the street and forces the ambulance to crash. The ambulance runs over someone who just won the lottery, but did not claim their ticket yet. The man carrying the ticket is killed, and another person picks it up and becomes very wealthy as a result. All because a man choked on his dinner.

Small, unforeseen events like this have not only affected many unknowing people, but also the world. Here is a short list of some small events in history with big impacts, as told by Reddit users.

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A Chivalrous Woman: Chivalry Is A Two-Way Street


Chivalrous woman? Man? It’s all the same!

After watching an episode of Agony Aunts, in which they discussed the importance of chivalry towards a woman, I came to the realization that chivalry can work for both sexes. Chivalry shouldn’t only be reserved for the women of the world. Men deserve to be treated like royalty as much as women do, and it’s time somebody said something. Men put in a lot of work trying to attract the opposite sex, so It’s appreciated when it comes back the other way. If you’re looking to hold on to the man you have now, or wanting to catch the attention of one, then follow these tips for being a chivalrous woman.

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Things To Know About Irish Stepdance


What don’t you know about Irish Stepdance ? Come find out!

As evidenced by the show Dancing Down Under, Irish Stepdance is brimming with pageantry and tradition. Filled with fantastic outfits, delicate and graceful footwork, and giant hair-dos, this classic dance routine is a real sight to see. If you’ve seen our show on Irish Stepdance, Dancing Down Under, then you might be curious to know more about the elaborate outfits worn. 

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Different Dart Games: Strange Variations of the Classic Game

different darts

Who knew there were so many ways to play? Check out these unique variations on different dart games

We’re all aware of the old pub game of darts, but not everyone is aware of all the different ways to play the game, and how difficult darts can be. After watching Dubai Darts it got me thinking, “There has to be different dart games out there to play, while keeping with the spirit of the sport.” If you’ve been playing the same darts game for awhile now, you might be looking for a more exciting way to play. If so, read this list of other ways to play and you might surprise yourself with how much fun you’ll have playing different dart games. Continue reading

Private Sale Tips: eBay or Craigslist?

ebay, craigslist, private sale

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the best way to sell my stuff?” This handy guide will help you decide if Craigslist or eBay is the best bet for you

A private sale can go great and you’ll get the deal of a lifetime, but if you’re not careful you could wind up being the sucker in somebody else’s deal of a lifetime. Following this list of private sale tips, and watching My Life For Sale, will help you end up on the right side of the deal. The question is, though, where do you sell? eBay, or Craigslist?

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Travel Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

There’s so much of the world to see that you’ll never see it all, but to make the most of your worldly journeys, follow these helpful travel tips as a tourist to stay alive and experience the country’s cultures to the fullest.

DON’T Look Like A Tourist

tourist, photographer, tourism, travel tips

An artist’s depiction of an annoying tourist in their standard pose

Looking like a tourist is an easy way to be singled out by the locals when traveling abroad, so follow these travel tips to not stick out. While traveling, you want to become a part of your surroundings to get the full experience, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. This includes wearing a camera strapped around your neck, walking around with a selfie stick, double walking sticks, or anything else that draws attention to you like a sign around your neck proclaiming, “I AM AN AMERICAN! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!” Continue reading