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Four Ways to Celebrate Yorkshire Day with The Yorkshire Vet

The first of August, the United Kingdom celebrates Yorkshire Day. Residents are encouraged to raise a pint or cup to England’s largest, greenest county. Yorkshire is the county home of important cities such as Sheffield, York and Leeds. North Yorkshire county is beloved due to the lavish details of the farms, the animals, and village living from the tales of best selling author and veterinarian, James Herriot. 

The author’s inspiring home town, Thirsk, and busy practice, the Skeldale Veterinary Centre shed their literary pseudonyms for the reality series The Yorkshire Vet , presented by Vibrant TV. Animal patients take center stage as the new generation of veterinarians attend office visitors and set out on fascinating countywide visits. On The Yorkshire Vet, every day is Yorkshire Day!

Yorkshire Day/Skeldale Centre Needlepoint (Source Yorkshire Vet )

The Skeldale Veterinarian Centre Welcome Needle Point (Source Yorkshire Vet Series 1)

It’s quite easy to join in The Yorkshire Day celebrations. Below are four facets of Yorkshire life to experience. Consider taking part these Yorkshire related activities today and perfecting them for Yorkshire Day. Careful though, as any of these pursuits may become life long passions!

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Scenes From The UK Snooker Craze

The Matchroom crew continues it’s movement to make snooker a worldwide household game. They’re the producers of The Champion of Champions competition on Vibrant TV. Today’s snooker stars gained inspiration from the United Kingdom’s snooker craze of the seventies and eighties. Before those two decades, snooker struggled unsuccessfully to break out from two opposite corners of society (pun intended). 

UK Gets Snooker Loopy

It’s 1984, and the original Matchroom snooker crew star in a promotional video with Chas and Dave, called Snooker Loopy. The zany (some would say cheesy) tune is about a rag tag mob of snooker loving characters. The chorus is basically the color order for potting the snooker balls when clearing a frame:

Pot the reds then, screw back
For the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black!


The Matchroom crew set their sights on making snooker a worldwide sport. By the 1990s, snooker became a Saturday night staple, with The Big Break. The program’s theme song, The Snooker Song, was nicked from the West End Musical, about the Lewis Carroll poem, The Hunting of The Snark. There was no mention of snooker in the original Carroll poem created a century earlier. Snooker was the billiard game of the 1980s for British kids. 

The tale of snooker’s astonishing rise from niche hobby to UK household favorite has a lot to do with the game’s unique bright, colorful look.  Also, there was a colorful bunch that were playing snooker since its inception, in the late 19th Century. These same aspects almost doomed the game to obscurity a scant fifteen years earlier.

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4 Ways To Help Urban Animals Thrive

On Animal Rescue Squad, some animals featured need assistance because they’re stressed in areas shared with humans. With population constantly on the rise, more animals face stresses of people unable to understand or cold to their unique needs. 

The stress animals experience in human spaces can be softened by people acting responsible and thoughtful. Where ever you hang your hat, there are ways to help the animals living in your environment. Below are four tips, collected from conservation websites, on assisting the birds and mammals that are native to big city areas. Even if your budget is shoe string, there are inexpensive ways to help the neighborhood fauna. Continue reading

Lorenzo’s Favorite Band – The Doors

Lorenzo Giordani is the youngest child in Youth: Things That Remain. Of all the Giordani siblings, he wears his love for music on his sleeve and his walls. Let’s enlist the lively Giordani as our DJ for a couple of songs by one of his favorite bands, The Doors. Through two of their songs, The End and Love Me Two Times, we get a peek into Lorenzo’s life and personality. 

The Doors


The Doors in late-1966. Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license. (L-R) John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison

At first it seems strange that an Italian teen would find such strong interest in an American Band from long before his birth. Lorenzo liked to write their lyrics on note paper, whether to impress others or as an emotional inspiration is unknown. The band, possessing a large amount of material from an extremely busy period between 1966 and 1972, found several ways to use the music to stay in the public’s mind. The Doors released numerous best of sets. Their songs, remained a constant for radio airplay, even in foreign speaking countries. 

Perhaps, the most successful way The Doors captured the spotlight was as the subject of the Oliver Stone film sharing the band’s nameThe film highlights antics of the lead singer, The Doors quick rise to fame, and their wide-ranging song ideas.

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The Ultimate Rider Motorcycle Gear Triva Quiz

On “The Ultimate Rider”  Moto GP rookies test their motorcycle skill and endurance. Over eight episodes, per season, points are awarded and tallied on a leader board. For the professional experience riders are striving to one day join, contestants are suited with top of the line motorcycle gear


Motorcycle gear is a standard in professional sports, law in most countries, and recommended for everyday use. Motorcycle chic often steals the attention of the fashion world and ends up in favorite movies and television shows. 

Experts suggest gear is as an important decision as the type of bike purchased, considering the multitude of conditions faced every ride. Riders wants to look sharp and be safe when experiencing dangerous conditions or inclement weather.  Watching The Ultimate Rider, viewers see the gear doing its job, protecting the rider, yet providing comfort.

Below is a collection of interesting trivia questions about famous names and products in motorcycle gear evolution. Can you guess the answers to these seven queries? 

Vibrant TV/ The Ultimate Rider Series 2/Brayden Elliot and Jake Ralph

Season 2 Contestants Brayden and Jake

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Mockumentary Madness – After The Lost World Cup

The Lost World Cup presents the details of the thrilling 1942 South American World Cup match that most of the world thought had been canceled by World War II. Sponsored by a the football obsessed Count Von Otz, the international sport plays as scheduled. The semi final matches are influenced and obscured by world events.

Due to a violent storm, that delays play and destroys the arena on the same day, no footage of the final bout between Nazi Germany and the talented team of Mapuche Indians survived. That is until a few years ago, when a camera is recovered at a building site in Argentina. Researchers are hopeful that the film inside contains the match footage. Perhaps, the world can finally know the Lost World Cup Champion. 

Stay for the credits! They reveal that this movie is freely adapted from a short story, The Son of Butch Cassidy.  It’s actually a clever mockumentary presenting author Osvaldo Soriano’s fiction as fact. With interviews of experts in on ‘the joke’ , some faded footage, and actors pretending to remember their participation in the games. 

Once you enjoy the ‘true story’ of the Lost World Cup on Vibrant TV Network, check out these other popular mockumentaries. Don’t let the famous faces and evidence presentation fool you, the following movies are heavy fiction with a few tasty facts woven in. 

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Marry Me: Weddings Italian Style

On Thursday nights, Vibrant TV showcases a variety of great Italian television imports. Marry Me is a comedy drama hybrid series about the business of planning someone else’s perfect day. The action takes place in Trieste, a multicultural scenic port on the very edge of Northern Italy.

Roman transplant, Ugo, recently owned a book store near the Piazza Unità d’Italia. Nora arrived in Trieste from Sicily and has recently lost her position in the financial district of the city. Money problems force the idyllic couple to the aid of their relative Aunt Clo Clo. For free room and board, they agree to manage her custom bridal fashion shop, while she’s away for the year seeking medical treatment.

When a young marrying couple mistakes the dressmaker organization for wedding planners, Nora sees an opportunity to rescue the shop. She realizes that some type of expansion is necessary during a slump in weddings and a looming tax bill that may close the shop. Why focus solely on the gown and tuxedo, when more revenue can be had for the complete wedding experience?

Ugo designs brochures with their new name, Happy Like Us. Cards are placed around town, guaranteeing the most romantic, picture perfect weddings. They use themselves as models of the perfect happy couple.


Guiding people to their wedding day, arranging the guests and festivities before and after like a pro can be a dangerous game, especially when you’re selling a service you know little about.

A more suitable moniker for this smart looking business would be:

 It’s Complicated, (No, Really, Really Complicated) Like Us!

First off, their wedding years ago, was actually a whirlwind jaunt to City Hall. There was no planning, no venue, no custom bridal gown. The flowers were a small bouquet purchased on the way.

Second, their happiness as a couple is an elaborate public relations rouse. Only those close to the pair know they are near the final stages of a bitter, drawn out divorce. Both are fed up with their marriage and constantly pester their weary lawyer to speed up the divorce process.

There is only the shell of a past relationship to mirror. If it weren’t for their shared concern for their dog, they would not have seen each other for years.


Uno, named after Ugo and Nora.


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Vibrant Phrases in Every Day Life: Going,Gone Pear-Shaped

“Gone pear-shaped” means events haven’t evolved as planned. In fact, they’ve gone all wrong. Putting a vibrant name on a  horrible situation, the viewer hears this phrase on Agony Uncles when the Uncles discuss the end of a relationship. Also, Paul Bannister uses the analogy to wax poetic the direction of events in Love is a Four Letter Word. Pear could be one of those pesky four letter words! 

This expression’s origins are a debated mystery, even in the countries that use it often (England, Australia and New Zealand). Research, so far, has not yet coined an inventor of this fruitful situation. Surprisingly, this one doesn’t belong to The Bard! 

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Don’t Call It Table Tennis, It’s The World Championship of Ping Pong

The World Championship of Ping Pong 2014 brings a cracking sport back to television. 

This is the third tournament presenting what the organizers call  ‘Pure’ Ping Pong. The action unfolds in London, England, at The Alexandra Palace. For the event organizers, getting the lively play on the world stage combined some old trends, new ideas and some legal hoops. 


The Alexandra Palace, London. From the open of World Championship of Ping Pong 2014.

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8 Reasons To Watch The Future of V8 Supercars

To win “Shannon’s Supercar Showdown” a rookie needs to be level-headed, precise, and in top physical shape to control the fast and heavy vehicles, known as V8 Supercars. The show introduces the headliners of V8 Supercars of today.

There are some eye opening changes happening to the popular sport that’s been part of Australian car culture since the 1960s. Here are eight reasons to keep those eyes on the future races of V8 Supercars next season and beyond. 

Supercar Showdown S3E1-13

The Ford Fast Track Racing Challenge car driven in Shannon’s Supercar Showdown Season 3.

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