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Finding out Santa Claus Isn’t Real

A child’s imagination and their willingness to believe in magical and mystical beings can be one of the purest things to watch. However, at a certain age, they begin to question the world around them and ask the important questions like if Santa Claus is real, along with the tooth fairy and other mystical characters. 

Whether or not parents decide to tell their children Santa Claus isn’t real, they will still find out the truth some way, some how. It could be that one parent left the price tag on the gift or another forgot to write “from Santa” instead of “from Mom and Dad.”

While the big reveal can be quite traumatic for some six-year-old kids, it makes a great story to share with friends and laugh about later in life. In the clip below from Vibrant TV’s “Agony of Life,” the Agony Aunts and Uncles share the moment they realized Santa Claus isn’t real. 

There are more funny stories to tell about the big Santa Claus reveal, so we put together a 12 Days of Christmas list, featuring some of the funniest tweets about Old Saint Nick. 

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How Not to Give Your Kids The Sex Talk

In the series,  the “Agony of Life”, Australia’s funniest comedians share everything from embarrassing childhood moments to bad career choices to that awkward sex talk conversation with their parents. 

The sex talk can be cringe worthy for both the parents and the child. With help from a few Twitter users, we compiled a list of resourceful do’s and don’ts for parents when they have the sex talk with their children for the first time. 

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