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17 Pick-Up Lines All Men Should Avoid Using

In order to obtain a woman’s attention, you have to first approach her with your best material. The Agony Uncles share their “best” pick-up lines with us in episode 2 of the series. 

If you watched the above video then you’ll find it hard to believe that any of the Uncles were able to score a date with anyone using those lines. Unfortunately, there are far worse pick-up lines that some men have actually used to win a woman’s heart. We’re saving every man out there from embarrassing themselves by putting together a list of pick-up lines they should avoid using when approaching someone they’re interested in. 

Check out our list of the ultimate worst pick-up lines below. 

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First Dates: Do’s and Dont’s

How do you make the first date a good one? Hard to say. Luckily, our Agony Uncles are here to help! In episode 2, they share their dating experiences and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

Take a look at what conversations to avoid on a first date:

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