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Things To Know About Irish Stepdance


What don’t you know about Irish Stepdance ? Come find out!

As evidenced by the show Dancing Down Under, Irish Stepdance is brimming with pageantry and tradition. Filled with fantastic outfits, delicate and graceful footwork, and giant hair-dos, this classic dance routine is a real sight to see. If you’ve seen our show on Irish Stepdance, Dancing Down Under, then you might be curious to know more about the elaborate outfits worn. 

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How Do You Judge A Dance Contest?

Dance 1

  1. Always double knot your shoelaces
    If your laces come untied when you’re dancing, the judge will take points off. Loose laces can trip you or the other dancer, and they make you look unprepared.
  2. Floppy = sloppy
    With gillies, tuck the ends of the laces into your shoe securely so that they don’t flop around. Floppy laces are distracting and ugly.
  3. Ditto for hard shoes and reel shoes
    With your hard shoes or reel shoes, you should also tuck your laces in so they don’t flop around. Other ways to do this are wrapping black electrical tape around your foot (good for both hard shoes and reel shoes), putting the ends of your laces underneath your strap (good for hard shoes), or covering up the laces with wide elastics (good for hard shoes). Continue reading