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5 Small, Unforeseen Events With Big Impacts

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Small, unforeseen events can affect our world in big ways

From The Insider’s Guide to Happiness we learn that small, unforeseen events can lead to some tremendous outcomes. In the show, a character getting hit by a runaway ambulance, leads to a myriad of strange circumstances. A person chokes, causing an ambulance to be called. Another character is stuck in the car-wash, honking their horn for assistance, while another character is surprised by the honking horn, drops a vase she was carrying, causing a biker to swerve from almost hitting her. The biker swerves into the street and forces the ambulance to crash. The ambulance runs over someone who just won the lottery, but did not claim their ticket yet. The man carrying the ticket is killed, and another person picks it up and becomes very wealthy as a result. All because a man choked on his dinner.

Small, unforeseen events like this have not only affected many unknowing people, but also the world. Here is a short list of some small events in history with big impacts, as told by Reddit users.

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The Unlucky Lottery Winners

For many people,  winning the lottery is a bet they’re willing to gamble on. But who said winning the lottery makes someone a lucky person?

The Vibrant TV Network drama, The Insider’s Guide to Happiness, follows the lives of eight, mostly unconnected, individuals affected by a tragic accident. The narrator of the story, Matthew, purchases a lottery ticket which would have landed him a $6.3 million (New Zealand dollars) break. Unfortunately, Matthew’s life is cut short when he is struck by an ambulance and the ticket is gone with the wind.  



That is until, Tina finds the ticket, completely unaware of the big winnings that await her. When Tina learns of her winnings, she buys a fancy sports car for her boyfriend, who is sadly cheating on her. 

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