A Chivalrous Woman: Chivalry Is A Two-Way Street


Chivalrous woman? Man? It’s all the same!

After watching an episode of Agony Aunts, in which they discussed the importance of chivalry towards a woman, I came to the realization that chivalry can work for both sexes. Chivalry shouldn’t only be reserved for the women of the world. Men deserve to be treated like royalty as much as women do, and it’s time somebody said something. Men put in a lot of work trying to attract the opposite sex, so It’s appreciated when it comes back the other way. If you’re looking to hold on to the man you have now, or wanting to catch the attention of one, then follow these tips for being a chivalrous woman.


no cell phone, chivalrous woman

Leave the cell phone at home!

From mindlessly phone scrolling when you’re bored, to sending that quick text, giving your partner the attention they deserve can mean the most. Put the phone down. This goes for both people involved and isn’t so much chivalrous, but rather something both parties involved need to do more of.  A chivalrous woman doesn’t have to be any different from a chivalrous man.

We Like Doors, Too

open car doors, chivalrous woman`

We wouldn’t have these problems if everyone drove DeLoreans

Although it’s more of a dated concept now, it is considered a chivalrous act when a man opens the car door for his date. Regular doors that we use everyday are opened by both sexes for both sexes, and this is the case in all of our society. But one thing that I’ve always found strange is the fact that it’s always men that open up car doors for women.  But what if she is driving? Honestly, this would come as a pleasant surprise if it were to happen to me. A chivalrous woman is a brave woman. I don’t think that this has been done before so you might get some looks at first, but I think this type of chivalry shouldn’t only be reserved for men.  

Coats On Coats On Coats

coat, chivalrous woman

Everybody needs a hand from time to time

It doesn’t matter who puts who’s coat on first, or who helps the other out of one, but I sometimes struggle with it. It is monumentally easier to slip in and out of a coat when someone else is helping slide your arms through. We’re just people helping other people after all, there’s no reason why a chivalrous woman wouldn’t be appreciated here. Helping with their coat is just one minor thing that sets the tone for the evening; that you care enough about the person to help them along with little inconveniences. And, after all, It’s the little things that count.

It Pays To Pay

chivalrous woman

You a strong independent woman who don’t need no man

This one can be tricky. Guys have long been expected to pay for the first date. Not paying for the first date as a guy can make you come across as cheap, and that could end things right then and there in her mind. What is equally awful, though, is giving the impression that you’ll pay for everything, or that maybe she is unable to pay for things on her own. You could try and split the bill on the first date, but that might come across as being “just friends.” The best way to go about remedying this confusing tradition is to go ahead and pay for the first date. Everybody likes a free meal. If the date goes well then hopefully there will be a second, and at that point in time it should be her turn to pay. Having the guy pay for the first date is so ingrained in our culture and society that it’s going to be hard to get past this, but setting the tone that you’ll pay the first time and she pays for the second and so on will put you both on equal footing.

A Compliment For You And A Compliment For Me

whispering, chivalrous woman

You can whisper me sweet nothings all day

It’s considered chivalrous to greet a woman with a complement, but this act is now a rare phenomenon in this day and age. Compliments are always appreciated and guys like to be called pretty, too, believe it or not. The old rule was that a man should always compliment his companion when greeting her. I think this is a wonderful notion that should be brought back into the fray of our culture. Not only that, but I think women should do it too. Everybody should. It’s always nice to be complimented. Much like receiving a gift, it is also nice to give a gift. 

It’s Time To Be On-Time

i-am-waiting, chivalrous woman

Lady in waiting? More like single lady in waiting

A chivalrous man is always on time, and I think a chivalrous woman should be too. Nobody wants to be left waiting for what could be a fun night out. Not only is it chivalrous to leave when your date arrives, it’s common courtesy. Being punctual on your date sends the message that you’re prepared and ready to have a fun evening together, it also lets your date know that they expect the same from you. Punctuality shows your respect for the individual, and that respect can go a long way for both a chivalrous woman and man.