Four Ways to Celebrate Yorkshire Day with The Yorkshire Vet

The first of August, the United Kingdom celebrates Yorkshire Day. Residents are encouraged to raise a pint or cup to England’s largest, greenest county. Yorkshire is the county home of important cities such as Sheffield, York and Leeds. North Yorkshire county is beloved due to the lavish details of the farms, the animals, and village living from the tales of best selling author and veterinarian, James Herriot. 

The author’s inspiring home town, Thirsk, and busy practice, the Skeldale Veterinary Centre shed their literary pseudonyms for the reality series The Yorkshire Vet , presented by Vibrant TV. Animal patients take center stage as the new generation of veterinarians attend office visitors and set out on fascinating countywide visits. On The Yorkshire Vet, every day is Yorkshire Day!

Yorkshire Day/Skeldale Centre Needlepoint (Source Yorkshire Vet )

The Skeldale Veterinarian Centre Welcome Needle Point (Source Yorkshire Vet Series 1)

It’s quite easy to join in The Yorkshire Day celebrations. Below are four facets of Yorkshire life to experience. Consider taking part these Yorkshire related activities today and perfecting them for Yorkshire Day. Careful though, as any of these pursuits may become life long passions!

1. Steep A Yorkshire Day Cuppa Tea

The Yorkshire water is prized by residents. It’s available in their ales (too many to list here) and their condiments (especially Henderson’s Relish). Most of us are not close to the county or near an authentic English Pub to enjoy these unique items on Yorkshire Day. Such tasty gems tend to run out before they can reach all points of the globe. 

For Yorkshire Day, when far away, tea is a portable reflection of Yorkshire County culture. There’s an everyday blend from the city of Harrogate, lovingly named for the county, Yorkshire Tea. The brand is makes the comfort of an authentic Yorkshire County tea break available to more parts of the world, everyday.

Yorkshire Day Milk in Tea (Source Sara Hastilow Flickr/VibrantTV)

If you choose milk, it goes in after steeping. (Source Flickr/Sara Hastilow)

A strong black tea blend, Yorkshire Tea, really took off after receiving its 2009 Royal Warrant, identifying the brand as an official supplier to The Royal Crown. Today, Yorkshire Tea is considered the third most popular daily tea in The United Kingdom. There are four variations, including decaf and one for hard (high mineral content) water. A box is marketed as a mandatory cupboard staple for a Yorkshire Lad or Lass, whether they enjoy tea or not.

As a Yorkshire Day break, follow the Yorkshire Tea directions for the signature flavor. Don’t fear the boiling water. The beverage is cooled by steep time and milk. While sipping a mug of the grand stuff, imagine enjoying a view of Yorkshire’s verdant Dales. 

The Yorkshire Day-The Dales and Kilburn White Horse -The Yorkshire Vet

The Kilburn White Horse shimmering in the distance. (Source: The Yorkshire Vet Series 1)

2. Bake A Yorkshire Day Yorkshire Pudding  

How much does the world love Yorkshire Pudding? Well, Yorkshire Pudding ingredients are basic : flour, salt, eggs, milk, and pan drippings. Together, they make magic. Online, enter “Yorkshire Pudding without …” to replace each component of the recipe (even the oven). 

Vibrant TV Yorkshire Day -Yorkshire Pudding with Onion Gravy

Yorkshire Pudding with Onion Gravy (Source: Creative Commons)

So adored, Northerners (and loads of fans) bend over backwards to keep Yorkshire Pudding on their plates. Each alteration guarantees the reminiscent warm, fluffy, crisp, yet chewy texture of a proper Yorkshire Pudding. Fortunately, for Yorkshire Day and beyond, there’s a bounty of results online and in books!

For an authentic Yorkshire Day Yorkshire Pudding, choose a recipe that conforms to your culinary and dietary preferences. The next step is to find an inspiring sweet or savory pour over. There’s a plethora of life affirming gravies, fruit sauces, and custards to tempt all tastes, any day of the year. Consider adding larger pieces of meat or vegetables to your pudding for a heartier dish known as  Toad in the Hole

What to do with leftovers, or if it doesn’t turn out well?  There’s the option of playing with food. Yorkshire Pudding’s culinary rival, in nearby Lancashire County, is Black Pudding.  About a month after Yorkshire Day, the town of Ramsbottom holds competition to dislodge giant Yorkshire Puddings with Black Puddings tosses. This activity honors The War of The Roses 1455 Battle of Stubbin’s Bridge.  

A comforting fact is this historic food fight between English counties is a complete fiction. The skirmish is a 1980s public relations tale weaved luring visitors to enjoy time in Lancashire after Yorkshire Day!

3.  Share a Yorkshire Day Kit Kat 

Time Magazine called Kit Kat the world’s most influential candy bar in 2014. Made to be broken into pieces for sharing, they’re an easy find on most supermarket shelves. For Yorkshire Day, if baking is not in the cards, consider a Kit Kat with that proper cup of Yorkshire Tea (See #1).

Yorkshire Day Vintage Kit Kat (Source Creative Commons)

An early label of Kit Kat (now distributed by Hershey’s in the U.S.). Source: Creative Commons

This iconic snack is the brainchild of York’s Rowntrees Candy Company. Referencing a  17th century London intellectual group, the confectioner had Kit Cat, under trademark since 1911. In 1935, they placed the double K revised moniker on a four section wafer crisp bar covered with chocolate. Rowntrees, in the 1980s, sold the brand to Nestle (Worldwide) and Hershey’s (U.S). The worldwide Kit Kat distribution would eventually bring the treat amazing popularity and revenue.

Kit Kats are all the rage in Japan, by accident. During national exams, Nestle (Lucky for them!), noticed Kit Kat sales in the country would soar. It turns out the name “Kit Kat” sounds similar to an encouraging Japanese phrase, translated into English as “You’ll surely win”.  As a marketing response to the fortunate sounding name, there are currently eight  shops  around the country supplying distinct flavors of Kit Kat for gift giving. 

4) Listen to Some Yorkshire Day Music

To enjoy Yorkshire Day tunes, The Yorkshire Vet way, it’s best to know what might be playing in the Skeldale Veterinarian Centre office when they’re seeing patients. Can we ponder what Penny, the Bernese Mountain Puppy born at Skeldale, enjoyed as she entered the world?

The Yorkshire Vet - Penny the Puppy /Vibrant TV

Penny returns to The Yorkshire Vet for a check up. (Source: The Yorkshire Vet Series 1)

By chance, Vibrant TV found a recent interview with head Skeldale Centre Vet , Julian Norton, providing an important clue. The Yorkshire Vet, reveals his favorite Yorkshire band while discussing favorite Yorkshire items. We’re more than likely to hear this band in the corridors when the animals visit.

Which Yorkshire screen or stage star, past or present, would you like to take out for lunch?

This took a bit of thought, but in the end it was quite an easy decision because Jarvis Cocker, from Sheffield, and his band Pulp were real heroes of mine. I was at university in the mid-1990s and I can still recall every word of his songs. The tunes were brilliant and the lyrics were wonderful.


Pulp is one of many fabulous Yorkshire bands that are essential to the English popular music scene. Unfortunately, Mr. Norton doesn’t specify his favorite tune. 

The one below is a goody, chosen by Vibrant TV for its lush orchestration and those brilliant lyrics. The third single from the world- wide best selling ’90s album A Different Class, this is the extremely romantic Something Changed.

In the first series, Mr. Norton meets a gorgeous alpaca named in honor of music star and Yorkshire Lass, Kiki Dee. The spirited artist is known for her dance numbers and the famous duet with Elton John, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

Below is a live performance of I Got The Music In Me. One can’t really argue with the fine energy of her voice.

If Vibrant TV notices any more music from the show, we’ll surely expand The Yorkshire Vet Playlist.

Before Yorkshire Day, be sure to watch the animal characters and stories on one of  Vibrant TV’s favorite programs, The Yorkshire Vet !