Lorenzo’s Favorite Band – The Doors

Lorenzo Giordani is the youngest child in Youth: Things That Remain. Of all the Giordani siblings, he wears his love for music on his sleeve and his walls. Let’s enlist the lively Giordani as our DJ for a couple of songs by one of his favorite bands, The Doors. Through two of their songs, The End and Love Me Two Times, we get a peek into Lorenzo’s life and personality. 

The Doors


The Doors in late-1966. Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license. (L-R) John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison

At first it seems strange that an Italian teen would find such strong interest in an American Band from long before his birth. Lorenzo liked to write their lyrics on note paper, whether to impress others or as an emotional inspiration is unknown. The band, possessing a large amount of material from an extremely busy period between 1966 and 1972, found several ways to use the music to stay in the public’s mind. The Doors released numerous best of sets. Their songs, remained a constant for radio airplay, even in foreign speaking countries. 

Perhaps, the most successful way The Doors captured the spotlight was as the subject of the Oliver Stone film sharing the band’s nameThe film highlights antics of the lead singer, The Doors quick rise to fame, and their wide-ranging song ideas.

 The End

Lorenzo has a small poster with a foreboding lyric from The End, painted on colored paper. Jim M, under the lyric, “The End My Only Friend”, refers to the lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison. The man worked over time to stand out among sixties icons that emerged while The Doors climbed to fame. His energy and perchance to reveal more and more bare flesh on stage, challenged venue managers and local police departments. 

Lorenzo/Youth The Things That Remain/Vibrant TV.

Did Lorenzo make that or a girl give it to him?

The End is the last cut on the The Doors 1967 self-titled debut album. The song is celebrated as a groundbreaking classic for several reasons. 

The song begins as a forlorn piece about the end of a relationship. Stretching the music and lyrics out to over eleven minutes, Morrison and the band pepper the middle break with (some would say) insane lyrics not heard on a major pop album before. The weirdness includes Oedipal Complex subject matter of a son wanting to kill his father and have relations with his mother. Jim sings and speaks lyrics from the point of view of that son, who has the similar family size as his (including a brother and a sister briefly visited, their fates are ambiguous).  

Some words are distorted and sound close to the words that were not allowed on radio waves in the sixties. The Doors wisely released other album cuts for radio play. The End was a live performance favorite throughout the band’s touring years, gaining many fans who enjoyed the complete album.

The End adds ominous audio bookends to the 1979 Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now. Lorenzo admits, to his girlfriend, he stays up late watching movies. Perhaps, enjoying this famous film is when he first heard The End. Much of Youth: Things That Remain concerns war, which, in unique ways, employs both Lorenzo’s father and older brother, Andrea. 

Love Me Two Times

Love Me Two Times is a single from The Doors‘ second album, Strange Days. It was considered yet another controversial song from The Doors, though not for it’s blush inducing lyrics.

The song is obviously about sex. The Doors, and other bands, weren’t shy about sexuality in their music, especially in the late sixties. Radio and television stations had loosened up to that subject matter long before Love Me Two Times came out. The Doors were actually banned from The Ed Sullivan Show because Morrison sang a lyric the sponsors felt suggested drug use. The lyric, about sexual satisfaction, uses the word ‘higher’. 

What made Love Me Two Times an uneasy song for broadcasters is the subject matter about going away. Thousands of American men were leaving home in the time period as draftees into the Vietnam War. Some would not come back from the battle field alive. All of the members of The Doors were draft age men during this period. 

Lorenzo’s mother, Anita, mistakes Lorenzo’s written copy of Love Me Two Times for an original poem. His brother, Andrea, in correcting her assumption makes a sad observation. Jim Morrison, for this song, the co-writer did not live long.


Jim Morrison died July 3, 1971 in Paris, France, under mysterious circumstances. The listed cause of death was heart failure. Many believe that years of drug and alcohol abuse caught up with Morrison at the age twenty seven. 

The Doors were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.  The other members of the quartet continued working as The Doors and separately in music for over forty years.

Be sure to tell us what is your favorite The Doors track in the comments. Follow the lives of the Giordanis before and after a tragedy breaks the family apart. Watch Youth: Things That Remain on Vibrant TV.