4 Ways To Help Urban Animals Thrive

On Animal Rescue Squad, some animals featured need assistance because they’re stressed in areas shared with humans. With population constantly on the rise, more animals face stresses of people unable to understand or cold to their unique needs. 

The stress animals experience in human spaces can be softened by people acting responsible and thoughtful. Where ever you hang your hat, there are ways to help the animals living in your environment. Below are four tips, collected from conservation websites, on assisting the birds and mammals that are native to big city areas. Even if your budget is shoe string, there are inexpensive ways to help the neighborhood fauna. Continue reading

Finding out Santa Claus Isn’t Real

A child’s imagination and their willingness to believe in magical and mystical beings can be one of the purest things to watch. However, at a certain age, they begin to question the world around them and ask the important questions like if Santa Claus is real, along with the tooth fairy and other mystical characters. 

Whether or not parents decide to tell their children Santa Claus isn’t real, they will still find out the truth some way, some how. It could be that one parent left the price tag on the gift or another forgot to write “from Santa” instead of “from Mom and Dad.”

While the big reveal can be quite traumatic for some six-year-old kids, it makes a great story to share with friends and laugh about later in life. In the clip below from Vibrant TV’s “Agony of Life,” the Agony Aunts and Uncles share the moment they realized Santa Claus isn’t real. 

There are more funny stories to tell about the big Santa Claus reveal, so we put together a 12 Days of Christmas list, featuring some of the funniest tweets about Old Saint Nick. 

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Lorenzo’s Favorite Band – The Doors

Lorenzo Giordani is the youngest child in Youth: Things That Remain. Of all the Giordani siblings, he wears his love for music on his sleeve and his walls. Let’s enlist the lively Giordani as our DJ for a couple of songs by one of his favorite bands, The Doors. Through two of their songs, The End and Love Me Two Times, we get a peek into Lorenzo’s life and personality. 

The Doors


The Doors in late-1966. Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license. (L-R) John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison

At first it seems strange that an Italian teen would find such strong interest in an American Band from long before his birth. Lorenzo liked to write their lyrics on note paper, whether to impress others or as an emotional inspiration is unknown. The band, possessing a large amount of material from an extremely busy period between 1966 and 1972, found several ways to use the music to stay in the public’s mind. The Doors released numerous best of sets. Their songs, remained a constant for radio airplay, even in foreign speaking countries. 

Perhaps, the most successful way The Doors captured the spotlight was as the subject of the Oliver Stone film sharing the band’s nameThe film highlights antics of the lead singer, The Doors quick rise to fame, and their wide-ranging song ideas.

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10 Strange Golf Rules/Decisions You Didn’t Know Existed

PGA EuroPro Tour 2014 strange golf rules

Take a swing at some of these strange golf rules!

After rewatching our coverage of the PGA EuroPro Tour I noticed that there were so many strange golf rules in the game. I thought, “There’s no way it could get any weirder, right?” Wrong! There is a 600+ page of rules published by the USGA (United States Golf Association) that details every one of the specific and strange golf rules that you could think of. Follow this list to find out some things about the sport that you probably didn’t know.

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Top 5 Rubik’s Cube World Records

Rubik's Cube World Records

The Rubik’s Cube was invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernõ Rubik, in 1974. He originally called it the Magic Cube but changed the name to Rubik’s Cube in 1980. The Rubik’s Cube quickly became popular, winning a German Game of the Year special award. The game brought people from all around the world together and speedcubing competitions were born. The first world championship organized by the Guinness Book of World Records was in 1981.  The 1980s Rubik’s Cube interest slowly died down, but started to increase again in the early 2000s. The first World Rubik’s Games Championship since 1982 was held in 2003 leading to the 2004 formation of the World Cube Association. Competitions have been held every year after and many of Rubik’s Cube World Records have been set since.

Here’s an up-to-date list of the Top 5 Rubik’s Cube World Records below: Continue reading

5 Small, Unforeseen Events With Big Impacts

WorldMap unforseen events

Small, unforeseen events can affect our world in big ways

From The Insider’s Guide to Happiness we learn that small, unforeseen events can lead to some tremendous outcomes. In the show, a character getting hit by a runaway ambulance, leads to a myriad of strange circumstances. A person chokes, causing an ambulance to be called. Another character is stuck in the car-wash, honking their horn for assistance, while another character is surprised by the honking horn, drops a vase she was carrying, causing a biker to swerve from almost hitting her. The biker swerves into the street and forces the ambulance to crash. The ambulance runs over someone who just won the lottery, but did not claim their ticket yet. The man carrying the ticket is killed, and another person picks it up and becomes very wealthy as a result. All because a man choked on his dinner.

Small, unforeseen events like this have not only affected many unknowing people, but also the world. Here is a short list of some small events in history with big impacts, as told by Reddit users.

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Italian Food: The Anti Pizza & Pasta

Italy is known for many things like; historical architecture, fashion, fancy cars, vineyards, and our personal favorite, food. While pasta and pizza make up a large part of the country’s cuisine, there’s way more Italian food to try besides our favorite carbs. 

Italian PizzaItalian Pasta

On Avventura, the host, David Rocco, visits many cities in Italy where he learns how to prepare traditional Italian food with some of the local chefs. Of course, there are several varieties of pasta dishes to sample (and wine), but it’s the anti-pasta dishes that we were most excited to see David explore.  Continue reading

17 Pick-Up Lines All Men Should Avoid Using

In order to obtain a woman’s attention, you have to first approach her with your best material. The Agony Uncles share their “best” pick-up lines with us in episode 2 of the series. 

If you watched the above video then you’ll find it hard to believe that any of the Uncles were able to score a date with anyone using those lines. Unfortunately, there are far worse pick-up lines that some men have actually used to win a woman’s heart. We’re saving every man out there from embarrassing themselves by putting together a list of pick-up lines they should avoid using when approaching someone they’re interested in. 

Check out our list of the ultimate worst pick-up lines below. 

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The Ultimate Rider Motorcycle Gear Triva Quiz

On “The Ultimate Rider”  Moto GP rookies test their motorcycle skill and endurance. Over eight episodes, per season, points are awarded and tallied on a leader board. For the professional experience riders are striving to one day join, contestants are suited with top of the line motorcycle gear


Motorcycle gear is a standard in professional sports, law in most countries, and recommended for everyday use. Motorcycle chic often steals the attention of the fashion world and ends up in favorite movies and television shows. 

Experts suggest gear is as an important decision as the type of bike purchased, considering the multitude of conditions faced every ride. Riders wants to look sharp and be safe when experiencing dangerous conditions or inclement weather.  Watching The Ultimate Rider, viewers see the gear doing its job, protecting the rider, yet providing comfort.

Below is a collection of interesting trivia questions about famous names and products in motorcycle gear evolution. Can you guess the answers to these seven queries? 

Vibrant TV/ The Ultimate Rider Series 2/Brayden Elliot and Jake Ralph

Season 2 Contestants Brayden and Jake

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Top U.S. Pool Players

To many people, pool is a fun bar game to play with friends over a few beers and trash talk. However, the cue sport is one of the most popular forms of billiards which can be traced back as early as the Elizabethan era. Today, the sport is played in high cash prized tournaments like the World Cup of Pool, where viewers can see some of the top U.S. pool players compete for $250,000. 


The competing nations on the “World Cup of Pool” are only allowed to choose two of the best players for its’ team, in nine-ball pool matches. The U.S. has a lot of talent to show off, so we put together a list of the top U.S. pool players throughout the history of the sport. 

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