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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Australian History

After watching a few episodes of the award winning series Redfern Now I was curious about the history of the show’s country, Australia. There are many topics the show touches on, but there’s even more that I didn’t know about Australia. Missing Prime Ministers, bullet-proof men robbing banks, and many other interesting things that you probably didn’t know about Australia either. Not only did Australians invent Wi-Fi, they also have some very large and some very small claims to land that make them a fascinating country to study.

Missing Prime Minister: Where’s Harold? 

Harold Holt, didn't know about australia

Looking good, Harold!

Here’s something you didn’t know about Australia: Australia once lost their leader at sea.

Harold Holt was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1966-67, wherein he mysteriously disappeared before the end of his term. Known for his strong swimming skills he would often venture out into dangerous waters where no other swimmers would go. He was known for being more akin to swimming than to walking, and said that he felt more at home in the sea. He likely died by swimming too far out and being unable to swim back to shore. He had a bad shoulder and his doctor advised against swimming that day, but Harold had his mind made up. 

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Things To Know About Irish Stepdance


What don’t you know about Irish Stepdance ? Come find out!

As evidenced by the show Dancing Down Under, Irish Stepdance is brimming with pageantry and tradition. Filled with fantastic outfits, delicate and graceful footwork, and giant hair-dos, this classic dance routine is a real sight to see. If you’ve seen our show on Irish Stepdance, Dancing Down Under, then you might be curious to know more about the elaborate outfits worn. 

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Vibrant Phrases in Every Day Life: Going,Gone Pear-Shaped

“Gone pear-shaped” means events haven’t evolved as planned. In fact, they’ve gone all wrong. Putting a vibrant name on a  horrible situation, the viewer hears this phrase on Agony Uncles when the Uncles discuss the end of a relationship. Also, Paul Bannister uses the analogy to wax poetic the direction of events in Love is a Four Letter Word. Pear could be one of those pesky four letter words! 

This expression’s origins are a debated mystery, even in the countries that use it often (England, Australia and New Zealand). Research, so far, has not yet coined an inventor of this fruitful situation. Surprisingly, this one doesn’t belong to The Bard! 

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5 of the Best Political Parodies

For many years, comedians have used politicians as the focal point for jokes and political parodies. This form of comedy can also be seen on Vibrant TV Network’s hit show, At Home with Julia. The show follows the life of Australia’s former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and her hairdresser, and boyfriend, Tim Mathieson.

The Australian actress, Amanda Bishop, nails the role of Gillard, who became Australia’s first female PM, holding office from 2010-2013. 

“At Home with Julia” repeatedly pokes fun at Mathieson for being a hairdresser, and insinuates that he’s inferior to Gillard, who deals with political issues like a food embargo and the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, trying to sabotage her run as PM. 

We’ve seen the great comedians of our time use the likeness of politicians, such as Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton on hit shows like “Saturday Night Live”, “Mad TV” and “The Tonight Show”.

Here’s a list of some our favorite political parodies of American politicians and presidential candidates. 

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8 Reasons To Watch The Future of V8 Supercars

To win “Shannon’s Supercar Showdown” a rookie needs to be level-headed, precise, and in top physical shape to control the fast and heavy vehicles, known as V8 Supercars. The show introduces the headliners of V8 Supercars of today.

There are some eye opening changes happening to the popular sport that’s been part of Australian car culture since the 1960s. Here are eight reasons to keep those eyes on the future races of V8 Supercars next season and beyond. 

Supercar Showdown S3E1-13

The Ford Fast Track Racing Challenge car driven in Shannon’s Supercar Showdown Season 3.

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How Do You Judge A Dance Contest?

Dance 1

  1. Always double knot your shoelaces
    If your laces come untied when you’re dancing, the judge will take points off. Loose laces can trip you or the other dancer, and they make you look unprepared.
  2. Floppy = sloppy
    With gillies, tuck the ends of the laces into your shoe securely so that they don’t flop around. Floppy laces are distracting and ugly.
  3. Ditto for hard shoes and reel shoes
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