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Seven Airplane Etiquette Rules to Follow

Traveling to new destinations is something that most people enjoy doing. However, many would agree that the entire process of airline travel can be overwhelming. From boarding, to exiting the plane, some passengers fail to realize when their behavior goes against common courtesy and airplane etiquette. 

The stars of Very British Problems discuss their biggest fears and annoyances when it comes to traveling on planes.

Many would agree with the Brits, that flying economy is one of the most unpleasant travel experiences. However, not everyone can afford a first class ticket for an A+ travel experience. Fortunately, there are several airplane etiquette rules we can all agree on, which would make everyone’s flight experience better.

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Italian Food: The Anti Pizza & Pasta

Italy is known for many things like; historical architecture, fashion, fancy cars, vineyards, and our personal favorite, food. While pasta and pizza make up a large part of the country’s cuisine, there’s way more Italian food to try besides our favorite carbs. 

Italian PizzaItalian Pasta

On Avventura, the host, David Rocco, visits many cities in Italy where he learns how to prepare traditional Italian food with some of the local chefs. Of course, there are several varieties of pasta dishes to sample (and wine), but it’s the anti-pasta dishes that we were most excited to see David explore.  Continue reading

6 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

On this week’s featured episode of Entrada, Roanna visits Rio de Janiero, Brazil. While in Rio, she learns how to make feijoada, one of Brazil’s signature dishes, and visit some of the cities most charming sites. There are a lot of things to do in Rio de Janeiro, so we compiled a list of places to visit and activities to participate in while in the urban paradise. 

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14 Spanish Phrases to Know Before You Go!

Embarking on a journey to foreign lands is exciting but, it can also be intimidating. On “Entrada”, Roanna travels through Latin America and explores some of the world’s most beautiful places. If you have been considering a trip to Latin America but have been holding back because of the language barrier, STOP! Don’t limit your horizons!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your lifetime. Sure, it’s nerve wrecking- but so are events like your first day at a new job. Stop thinking about it and just go for it! Learning a few Spanish phrases can help calm your nerves. Here are 14 short and simple phrases that will definitely come in handy. Make sure to play the audio and learn the pronunciation while you’re at it!

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12 Cool Jobs That Will Make You Consider Changing Careers

Girls just wanna have fun,” and for Melissa, the lead character in The Strip,  that means living life on the edge and seeking new adventures.

Melissa was a corporate lawyer with a prospering law career. That was, until she came home early from work to find her husband, Glenn,  in bed with another man. At that moment she decided to move out with her teenage daughter, Paige, and take charge of her life.

Melissa is now living a life of adventure after she quits her job at the firm and opens up a strip club that women could enjoy. A strip club owner is an unusual and drastic career change from practicing law, but there are plenty of other cool and unusual careers Melissa could have chosen, like a dating consultant or wildfire firefighter.

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