Finding out Santa Claus Isn’t Real

A child’s imagination and their willingness to believe in magical and mystical beings can be one of the purest things to watch. However, at a certain age, they begin to question the world around them and ask the important questions like if Santa Claus is real, along with the tooth fairy and other mystical characters. 

Whether or not parents decide to tell their children Santa Claus isn’t real, they will still find out the truth some way, some how. It could be that one parent left the price tag on the gift or another forgot to write “from Santa” instead of “from Mom and Dad.”

While the big reveal can be quite traumatic for some six-year-old kids, it makes a great story to share with friends and laugh about later in life. In the clip below from Vibrant TV’s “Agony of Life,” the Agony Aunts and Uncles share the moment they realized Santa Claus isn’t real. 

There are more funny stories to tell about the big Santa Claus reveal, so we put together a 12 Days of Christmas list, featuring some of the funniest tweets about Old Saint Nick. 

On the first day of Christmas, this guy realized his unemployment rate was definitely a factor in determining that Santa Claus isn’t real. 


And on the second day of Christmas, this kid refused to believe the hype. 


On the third day of Christmas, this guy was still feeling guilty for being a bad boy, even though he already knows that Santa Claus isn’t real. 



On the fourth day of Christmas, this little guy had an epiphany about the future too soon. 


On the fifth day of Christmas, this kid was forever traumatized by Santa’s big reveal! 


While no parent wanted their child to play with this kid on the sixth day of Christmas. 


Santa’s inability to hold up his promise to misbehaving children was the reason this little girl became a nonbeliever on the seventh day of Christmas. 


But on the eighth day of Christmas, we meet adults who aren’t afraid to argue with anyone who says Santa Claus isn’t real. 


And they have even bigger doubts about the entire existence and purpose of the holiday on the ninth day of Christmas. 


On the tenth day of Christmas, revenge became more important than a child’s dreams being crushed. 


On the eleventh day of Christmas, kids were realizing stuff. 


The UPS man is the true Santa Claus that shows up to your house on the twelfth day of Christmas.