Don’t Tell the Bride Her Wedding Planner is the Groom

Don’t Tell the Bride follows an engaged couple as they plan the wedding of their dreams. Each couple is given 12,000 pounds and three weeks to plan their big day. However, the brides learn early on that the sole wedding planner will be the groom. 

One thing we learn early on in the series is that planning a wedding isn’t as easy as one might like to believe.  Over 12 episodes, “Don’t Tell the Bride” showcases some of the most bizarre and beautiful moments that you won’t want to miss.  

While some of the grooms exceed expectations and prove they can handle the role of wedding planner, others fail to please their brides by overspending, choosing the wrong dress, and picking themes she would certainly hate. To commemorate the series, we put together 12 of our favorite moments from the show. Check them out here!


1. The tattoo enthusiast groom who chooses to have his wedding in the most unconventional place he could find, a tattoo convention. 

Wedding Planning


2.  Imagine how frightened the bride will be when she learns she has to grab her wedding band from a tank occupied by baby crocodiles. 



3. The couple who didn’t know they wanted to get married until they appeared on the show. 

Don't Tell the Bride

The groom then proposes with a gumball machine ring. 

Don't Tell the Bride


4. This grandmother who was ready to fire the groom as the wedding planner and wasn’t afraid to tell her granddaughter how she really felt about her wedding dress. 


And the insults didn’t end there.

Wedding Planner



5. The bridal party who rides public transportation together stays together because the groom spent all of the money and only has $100 left to spend on the bachelorette party. 



6. The groom who hired a chorus to sing for his bride and he gleefully reminded everyone that he liked it and he put a ring on it. 



7. The groom who spent 600 pounds on a flight to Thailand to buy his wife a cheap wedding dress and of course she hates the dress once she lays eyes on it. 



8. The same groom gave his wife a big center of attention wedding, lowering her from the sky in front of the guests, when she was adamant about not having all eyes on her. 

Don't Tell the Bride


9. Heights is a theme that many of the grooms like to play with, like the exciting moment when the bride arrived at her wedding by sky diving from a plane. 


And her mom panicked the entire time. 



10. You probably shouldn’t marry your bride in a flying hot ball air balloon if she’s afraid of heights.



11. One groom wanted to switch things up a bit by sending his bride to receive monster truck driving lessons for her bachelorette party. 


While he and his groomsmen settled for a relaxing evening filled with pampering and self-care. 



12. The groom who wanted his wife to arrive by reindeer and sleigh, rather than horse and carriage. 


It was all part of the “Frozen” theme wedding officiated by none other than Santa Claus. 

don't tell the bride


While some of the grooms made excellent wedding planners, many of them should never consider quitting their day jobs. For more exciting moments from “Don’t Tell the Bride,” check out our schedule to see when you can watch on our free live stream