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B&B The Best

Jean Broke-Smike and Pamela Brown give the owners of struggling Bed and Breakfast a few important tips to turn their business around as well as a surprise visit from an undercover assessor.

My Life for Sale

Anna and Lorne use their modern wits about online sales to transform a family's cluttered rooms into the fresh, new spaces they dream for. The only catch is with two weeks to sell, they can only spend what they make online!

Natural Born Dealers

Two teams are pitted against one another in a winner-takes-all battle to see who can buy the best deals and sell them for a profit within a week.

Cash in the Attic

Antique experts helps families turn their hidden treasure into cash that they could use for things like family vacations, new home furniture, or charity events.

Antiques Road Trip

Two renowned antiques experts are each given a 200 pound budget to compete against each other. They share a classic car and a goal: to make the biggest profit at auction. Travel with them through Britain as they use their best techniques in order to spend the least and make the most!




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