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reality doc

Emergency Down Under

Emergency Down Under follows the foreign medics and emergency personnel leaving the safety of the Europe to experience extreme medicine and rescue work in some of the world’s most remote communities. With stunning aerial footage, sumptuous shots of the Australia and compelling home-grown characters saving lives down under, this series transports viewers to the emergency front-line in one of the globe's most attractive landscapes.

Don't Tell the Bride

A couple who are madly in love but can't afford to marry are given twelve thousand pounds for the wedding of their dreams. But there's a catch. They must be wed within three weeks and the groom has to arrange the wedding alone, even down to choosing her dress. They have absolutely no contact until the big day.

World's Most Pampered Pets

The World’s Most Pampered Pets features the most glamorous, expensive and extreme pets in the world. From Aussie ducks who dress for the catwalk, supercool lizards who pose for the camera, the cat that runs a 5 star hotel, to the world’s richest chimpanzee. We also see the most powerful pets from Obama’s dog Bo to the Queen’s corgis and revealing the jaw-dropping sums of money people spend on pets in this fun, entertaining and occasionally moving two part series.

Yorkshire Vet

An observational documentary with exclusive access to The Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton and his busy 'mixed' practice.  Joining Julian is his partner, fellow vet and former Herriot trainee, Peter Wright. Based in the picturesque market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, their clientele are both two-legged and four-legged!

Australia Doesn't Just Want to Kill You

Presented with hands-on enthusiasm by scientist Dr. Kelly Strzepek, this documentary series is an engaging exploration of how some of Australia's deadliest animals are inspiring cutting edge research and applications in bio-medicine and bio-technology.

Crocodile in My Kitchen

Across Britain savage beasts are secretly living side by side with people in suburban homes. Meet the Brits who share their lives with dangerous wild animals regardless of the danger.

Natural Born Dealers

Two teams are pitted against one another in a winner-takes-all battle to see who can buy the best deals and sell them for a profit within a week.

The New Inventors

The New Inventors showcases creations from the new generation of Australian inventors and designers.

Intrepid Journeys

Take a tour of foreign lands with New Zealand celebrities who travel to exotic countries to see that country's history, culture and people.

Animal Rescue Squad

Animal Rescue Squad follows the urgent work being carried out to save and protect animals around the world. From large scale conservation projects protecting endangered species, to tiny wildlife sanctuaries rescuing injured animals and the life or death dramas that unfold in vet's surgeries.


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