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Dancing Down Under

S01 E10: The End Game

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For Australians Carina and Colbee, and Irish dancer Emma, this 2011 World Championships may be the last time they dance on the World stage. Carina is training for a career in hairdressing, Colbee feels she is getting too old and Emma will be busy at university next year. Carina and her mum and teacher Cheryl give a splash of Gold Coast colour to the Irish championships when they arrive full of optimism. Colbee arrives from Belfast where she moved to train with a renowned Irish dancing teacher so as to give herself the best chance of doing well, and Emma lives only five minutes down the road with her family who are all performers. For each dancer this is a very special time and no one could predict how it all turns out. The question is will they come back again?

Genre: Family Reality Sports Reality/Documentary

Parental Rating: TV-G

Actors: Carina Colbee Emma Cheryl Josh Thomas

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