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The Rimet Trophy

The Rimet Trophy

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The Rimet Trophy was the original World Cup prize. The world's most coveted athletic award was named after FIFA president Jules Rimet. This documentary explores the trophy's history and the global notoriety of its theft.

Genre: Documentary Miniseries

Parental Rating: TV-PG

Actors: Gary Lineker Joao Havelange Jorge Valdano Mauro Betting Martin Atherton Roan Johnson Murillo Bernardes David Corbett Mario romano Alonzo Luis de Farnca Alonzo Luis de Franca Souza Priscila Verdasca Alexandre Marcos Vinicios Carlos Alberto Torres Darwin Pastorin Sergio Xavier Wilson Aquino Pierre Lanfranchi Alberto Corruti Jorge Santoro Clara Azevedo Stefanie Valerio Maximiano Sergio Goes Antonio Carlos Wilson Chico Marcio

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