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Press Releases

Vibrant TV Goes Live On FilmOn Networks

Vibrant TV Network Brings Its 24/7 Schedule Of Quality Internationally-Produced TV Entertainment To FilmOn Networks’ Live Streaming Service

Vibrant TV Network (www.vibrant.tv) has launched on FilmOn Networks (www.filmon.com), bringing the channel’s 24/7 schedule of international programming to the massive digital live streaming service for immediate access nationwide via all major digital platforms. Delivering a U.S. audience of 50 million unique monthly users, FilmOn represents a powerful new platform for Vibrant TV as the network continues to expand its audience reach nationwide.

Vibrant TV is America’s television window on the world, presenting a wide array of entertainment from around the globe in English including programming categories such as lifestyle, comedy, action adventure, drama, reality, travel, food, sports and family. The advertiser-supported channel is the newest full-time channel addition to FilmOn, which features over 600 television channels and more than 90,000 VODs.

“FilmOn has burgeoned into a powerful and unique live streaming service offering an extraordinary portfolio of entertainment choices. We are delighted to join with FilmOn and bring Vibrant TV to its growing audiences across the country,” said Dan Zifkin, Chief Executive Officer of Vibrant TV.

“Vibrant TV is exactly the kind of programming the FilmOn audience craves,” said Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Networks. “Their vast content offering is always surprising and engaging to U.S. audiences who think they’ve seen everything.”

To view Vibrant TV on FilmOn, visit: http://www.filmon.com/channel/vibrant-tv.

Fully advertiser-supported, Vibrant TV is represented for advertiser sales by Chicago-based Zephyr Media Group which is also handling the network’s media management, including digital, Outdoor, TV, Print and Radio. To support Vibrant TV’s launch on the Roku platform, Zephyr Media will launch a multi-city campaign encompassing billboard advertising, along with local print, radio and television.


FilmOn is the world's first and largest IP-delivered digital television platform with true TV Everywhere capability. Available globally via computers, smartphones, tablets and IP-enabled set-top boxes and devices, FilmOn offers more than 600 free and subscription linear TV channels and audio/video podcasts updated daily, plus 50 audio channels and over 90,000 on demand titles. FilmOn Apps for iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Blackberry, Lenovo, Win 8 and Droid devices offer you premium TV on the go. With offices in Beverly Hills, Irvine and London and data-center headends in L.A., London and Geneva, FilmOn curates the best of televised entertainment from around the globe and creates original live programming every week. FilmOn also programs the 24/7 FOTV Network on Sky channel 237 in the UK, Freesat channel 410 in Europe and Dish Network channel 6 in Los Angeles. Other holdings in the Anakando Media Group include FilmOn Media Licensing, Class15.com, Advirally, MondoTunes and the revolutionary Hologram USA (www.HologramUSA.com). More information on FilmOn can be found at www.filmon.com.

About Vibrant TV

Vibrant TV is an advertiser-supported broadcast service dedicated to quality programming in English from producers and broadcasters worldwide. With satellite origination from Galaxy 23, Vibrant TV is a linear 24/7 channel currently airing diverse programming in including lifestyle, reality, comedy, drama, travel, food, sports and family.

About Zephyr Media Group:

Headquartered in Chicago (Evanston, IL) with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Phoenix, Zephyr Media Group is a recognized industry leader in full service traditional and direct response television (DRTV) media planning and buying. The company’s expansive staff of media professionals is responsible for numerous high-profile campaigns on behalf of both national and multi-national corporate and entrepreneurial clients alike. The company’s media buying capabilities encompass all major media channels including broadcast, cable, print, radio, digital and outdoor advertising. Zephyr also maintains its wholly-owned division, Zephyr Digital Media, which is involved in digital media planning and buying and Zephyr TV Sales, responsible for the national advertiser sales of quality syndicated television and cable programming services. Specialty Premium Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zephyr Media Group providing quality promotional and incentive premiums for corporate clients. Zephyr Media Group is located on the Internet at www.zephyr-media.com.


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