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Vibrant TV is looking for two spring interns!

Vibrant is seeking versatile Chicago-area students with a passion for television and a willingness to learn. We’re looking for someone really willing to invest the time and become part of the team!

Programming Intern

Responsibilities: Will perform quality checks on media and stream, fill out metadata information on new shows, check and maintain the broadcast schedule, update show database, and programming acquisitions research.

Requirements: Student should have knowledge of media file formats and broadcasting processes. Tech/computer troubleshooting and basic IT skills preferred, but not required. Intern will be required to come to our Evanston office regularly. In-office computers will be used.

Marketing Intern

Responsibilities: Write social media posts, create graphics/media, schedule posts, help create post calendar, will research potential partnerships and marketing strategies.

Requirements: Student should have previous marketing experience, internet savvy, and an interest in television. Intern will be required to come to our Evanston office regularly, some remote work allowed based on scheduling. In-office computers are available, but working on laptops is fine too.

To Apply-

Please email your resume and cover letter to programming@vibrant.tv.

We’d like our intern to start ASAP, but with an ideal start date of 3/19 and a likely end date of 5/18. Ideally will work at least 9hrs a week, but scheduling is flexible. This internship is unpaid, so please contact your internship/career advisor to see if position is eligible for academic credit. Any questions can be directed to the intern supervisor: Justin Widerski

Top 6 Italian Wedding Destinations

Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations. It’s a beautiful country with plenty of options ranging from metropolitan cities to small villages. Whether you choose to marry at a city hall or a vineyard, Italy is a destination that will not disappoint. 

The Italian drama “Marry Me” features a young couple starting a business as wedding planners in the midst of their divorce. Throughout the series, they plan a variety of weddings in romantic settings, which ultimately rekindles their love. Are you planning a wedding? Here are 6 top Italian wedding destinations:

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Many people believe that snakes are poisonous, when in reality, they are actually venomous. Venom has to be injected through fangs to be dangerous while poison has to be touched or eaten. 

On “Snake Boss,” Julia Baker wrestles with some of the most dangerous, deadliest, and also friendliest snakes that are crawling around Queensland, Australia. A deadly snake is one with the most toxic venom, but rarely does it attack humans. A dangerous snake is one that will attack humans more often, but its venom isn’t as lethal. Australia is known for its unique wildlife and is home to many dangerous snakes like the Eastern Brown Snake, the Red-Bellied Black Snake, and the Inland Taipan.

Snakes on Snake Boss

Snakes can be found slithering through the cities, grasslands, deserts, water, and forests of many countries. Venomous and non-venomous snakes can be found in every U.S. state except for Alaska. We’ve put together a list of venomous snakes that live in the seven most populated U.S. states. Check them out below.

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Don’t Try these Extreme Sports at Home


When we talk about sports, we tend to focus the conversation on the more popular ones like football, baseball, or basketball. However, there’s a whole other world of athletic activities that get sports enthusiasts adrenaline pumping!  The “World of Free Sports” documents some of the most extreme sports and the thrill-seekers who enjoy living life on the edge.

These adventures take place in the air, on land, and at sea! While they can all be an exciting experience, we wouldn’t recommend anyone try these extreme sports without the proper training. 

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Vibrant TV Unveils Winner Of The Network’s Win A Trip To Chicago Sweepstakes Promotion

CHICAGO (June 6, 2017) – Vibrant TV has unveiled the grand prize winner to the network’s Win A Trip To Chicago sweepstakes promotion. Jayne Lyall, a Vibrant TV viewer from Centennial, Colorado, wins the promotion’s grand prize trip for two to Chicago which includes airfare, hotel, meals, tickets to the Cubs game and a pair of CityPASS® tickets that provides admittance to a range of popular Chicago destinations.

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My Place in U.S. History

My Place is the story of 26 children, all with a talent for some kind of trouble, each hiding up the same fig tree, each with a story to tell. They live in the same Sydney home, but over thousands of years from pre-British colonization to 2008.  Each week viewers reach a new level of insight into Australian history and explore with the children who experienced it all. To commemorate “My Place” we put together a list of pop culture events that occurred in U.S. history every 10 years, from 1788 to 2008. 

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Four Ways to Celebrate Yorkshire Day with The Yorkshire Vet

The first of August, the United Kingdom celebrates Yorkshire Day. Residents are encouraged to raise a pint or cup to England’s largest, greenest county. Yorkshire is the county home of important cities such as Sheffield, York and Leeds. North Yorkshire county is beloved due to the lavish details of the farms, the animals, and village living from the tales of best selling author and veterinarian, James Herriot. 

The author’s inspiring home town, Thirsk, and busy practice, the Skeldale Veterinary Centre shed their literary pseudonyms for the reality series The Yorkshire Vet , presented by Vibrant TV. Animal patients take center stage as the new generation of veterinarians attend office visitors and set out on fascinating countywide visits. On The Yorkshire Vet, every day is Yorkshire Day!

Yorkshire Day/Skeldale Centre Needlepoint (Source Yorkshire Vet )

The Skeldale Veterinarian Centre Welcome Needle Point (Source Yorkshire Vet Series 1)

It’s quite easy to join in The Yorkshire Day celebrations. Below are four facets of Yorkshire life to experience. Consider taking part these Yorkshire related activities today and perfecting them for Yorkshire Day. Careful though, as any of these pursuits may become life long passions!

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Seven Airplane Etiquette Rules to Follow

Traveling to new destinations is something that most people enjoy doing. However, many would agree that the entire process of airline travel can be overwhelming. From boarding, to exiting the plane, some passengers fail to realize when their behavior goes against common courtesy and airplane etiquette. 

The stars of Very British Problems discuss their biggest fears and annoyances when it comes to traveling on planes.

Many would agree with the Brits, that flying economy is one of the most unpleasant travel experiences. However, not everyone can afford a first class ticket for an A+ travel experience. Fortunately, there are several airplane etiquette rules we can all agree on, which would make everyone’s flight experience better.

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Don’t Tell the Bride Her Wedding Planner is the Groom

Don’t Tell the Bride follows an engaged couple as they plan the wedding of their dreams. Each couple is given 12,000 pounds and three weeks to plan their big day. However, the brides learn early on that the sole wedding planner will be the groom. 

One thing we learn early on in the series is that planning a wedding isn’t as easy as one might like to believe.  Over 12 episodes, “Don’t Tell the Bride” showcases some of the most bizarre and beautiful moments that you won’t want to miss.  

While some of the grooms exceed expectations and prove they can handle the role of wedding planner, others fail to please their brides by overspending, choosing the wrong dress, and picking themes she would certainly hate. To commemorate the series, we put together 12 of our favorite moments from the show. Check them out here!

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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Australian History

After watching a few episodes of the award winning series Redfern Now I was curious about the history of the show’s country, Australia. There are many topics the show touches on, but there’s even more that I didn’t know about Australia. Missing Prime Ministers, bullet-proof men robbing banks, and many other interesting things that you probably didn’t know about Australia either. Not only did Australians invent Wi-Fi, they also have some very large and some very small claims to land that make them a fascinating country to study.

Missing Prime Minister: Where’s Harold? 

Harold Holt, didn't know about australia

Looking good, Harold!

Here’s something you didn’t know about Australia: Australia once lost their leader at sea.

Harold Holt was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1966-67, wherein he mysteriously disappeared before the end of his term. Known for his strong swimming skills he would often venture out into dangerous waters where no other swimmers would go. He was known for being more akin to swimming than to walking, and said that he felt more at home in the sea. He likely died by swimming too far out and being unable to swim back to shore. He had a bad shoulder and his doctor advised against swimming that day, but Harold had his mind made up. 

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