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Name: Peter Fenton


Angus O'Neil is Bernie's son and part owner of a pub with two of his friends. Drama surrounds Angus as fights to keep the pub open after several noice complaints. He has an open relationship with Albee which begins to go downhill after several secrets starts to unravel, like him impregnating Juliet, his father's girlfriend.

Peter Fenton is an Australian actor and musician best known for being the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Australian. Peter Fenton was born in 1966 in Sdyney, Australia. In 1986, Fenton found the band Crow. Their first album, My Kind of Pain was released in 1993. Crow disbanded in 1998 after recording their third album, Play With Love. Peter Fenton went on to star in his first film Praise. He became popular for the role of Angus O'Neil in the television drama, Love is a Four Letter Word. Peter Fenton reunited with his fellow Crow bandmates and the group recorded their fourth album.
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