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  • Name: Ida Di Benedetto


    Ida Di Benedetto as Ilia- Thomas Loi's widow, a talented artist who spends most of her spare time painting in her studio. She is trusted by the Loi family and helps them with different projects. She is ambitious and very good at hiding her resentment toward the Loi family.

    Ida Di Benedetto was born on June 3, 1945 in Naples, Italy. She started her career in the theater and made her film debut in 1977 in the film Fontamara. She won the prestigious award Nastro d'argento for best actress for the film Immacolata e Concetta, l'altra gelosia (1980). Her TV credits include Morte di una strega, Un posto al sole, Il bello delle donne 2, and Fondali notturni. Benedetto and her daughter founded Titania Produzioni.


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