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Name: Kate Beahan


Albee owns a third of the pub and is in an open relationship with Angus. She is the oldest of two and has had to care for her younger sister Larissa since the death of her parents. She is a writer but she is working as an editor for an author and struggles to meet deadlines. Albee is unaware of Angus's love child with Juliet and things doesn't get better for her Angus' relationship when she finds out the big secret.

Kate Beahan is an Australian television and film actress. Beahan was born in Perth, Western Australia on October 12, 1974. Her career began in 1997 when she appeared as Enzo in the Australian film, “The Gift.” Kate Beahan found success in several stateside projects which includes “The Wicker Man”, opposite Nicolas Cage as Sister Willow Woodward as well as “Flightplan” as Stephanie, opposite of Jodie Foster. Beahan can be seen on Vibrant TV's drama series “Love is a Four Letter Word.”
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