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    Grande Torino

    Grande Torino tells the story of the Legendary Italian Soccer Club, and Angelo's determination to make his dreams of playing with them come true.

    Queens of Swing (Ragazze dello Swing)

    During the Fascist Regime in Italy, three Dutch sisters, Alexandra, Judith and Kitty Leschan, try to make a career as popular singers.

    Youth: Things That Remain (Le Cose Che Restano)

    After the death of its youngest son, the lives of a Roman family take separate paths.

    Fear of Loving (Paura di Amare)

    Stefano Loi, the president of the big pharmaceutical group Loipharma, lives happily in Turin together with his beautiful wife Emma and his two children Carlotta and Tommy. Suddenly Emma dies in a car accident and their whole life is turned upside down.

    The Lost World Cup (IL Mundial Dimenticato)

    The story of World Cup of 1942 which was never recognized by the officials of football.

    The Rimet Trophy

    The Rimet Trophy was the original World Cup prize. The world's most coveted athletic award was named after FIFA president Jules Rimet. This documentary explores the trophy's history and the global notoriety of its theft.

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