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  • Drama

    The Strip

    A corporate lawyer, after finding her husband in bed with his lover, decides her life needs a new direction and chucks in her job, to open a strip club.

    Love is a Four Letter Word

    Set in Newtown, a group of friends working at a pub struggle to overcome the obstacles faced by urban 20-somethings living in Australia.

    Redfern Now

    Redfern Now takes us on a journey through the lives of different Indigenous people all living in the same inner-city suburb of Sydney, Australia: Redfern. Issues of race, family, justice, and loyalty play their part in this cinematic real life drama.

    Grande Torino

    Grande Torino tells the story of the Legendary Italian Soccer Club, and Angelo's determination to make his dreams of playing with them come true.

    Queens of Swing (Ragazze dello Swing)

    During the Fascist Regime in Italy, three Dutch sisters, Alexandra, Judith and Kitty Leschan, try to make a career as popular singers.

    Youth: Things That Remain (Le Cose Che Restano)

    After the death of its youngest son, the lives of a Roman family take separate paths.

    Crimes (Crimini)

    An anthology series set throughout Italy, CRIMES reveals 8 different stories of Mystery, Drama, and Intrigue.

    Fear of Loving (Paura di Amare)

    Stefano Loi, the president of the big pharmaceutical group Loipharma, lives happily in Turin together with his beautiful wife Emma and his two children Carlotta and Tommy. Suddenly Emma dies in a car accident and their whole life is turned upside down.


    After getting his father's permission, Gino Bartali begins to do what he loves: Race Bikes. When war breaks out, Bartali remains in Florence actively participating in the resistance, in the only way that he can. When the war comes to an end, Bartali has to make some difficult decisions regarding his career and his rivalry with Coppi.

    The Teacher

    A high school teacher goes above and beyond to help her students in and out of the classroom. Her charisma takes her into some dangerous situations as she tranforms herself into a crime solver to help improve the lives of her students.

    The Insider's Guide To Happiness

    The Insiders Guide To Happiness is a New Zealand drama series that explores the lives of a group of eight previously unconnected people.

    Good and Evil (Il Benee Il Male)

    A girl drags herself along the floor of her apartment, she has voluntarily swallowed bleach. A suicide. A man accidentally shoots at his brother. A fatality. A loving father, on his way home with his family, sees his own wife die in a robbery. An attempted robbery gone wrong. A prostitute kidnaps a child still in need of care. He is her own son. A girl is mugged and injured at her own birthday party. An aggression by the local bullies. A successful business man wakes up next to the dead body of a young escort. The result of a transgressive night. All of these stories hide a secret. And... not the kind you would expect. Life is a series of choices. The choices you make.

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