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Crimes (Crimini)

S01 E02: Teresa's Lair (IL Covo di Teresa)

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Marco always wanted a better life than the one his father provided but his greed pushes him into dangerous territories. When he and a group of friends attempt to rob a bank a Carabinieri officer is shot during the getaway. Marco is the targeted suspect of the shooting and must find a safe place to hide. He forces himself into his neighbor Teresa's apartment and stays there until he believes the coast is clear.

Genre: Drama

Parental Rating: TV-MA

Actors: Lina Sastri Pietro Taricone Fausto Parav Dino Gaetano Amato Antonia Truppo Augusto Zucchi Nini Bruschetta Roberta Spagnuolo Carmine Recano Alma Manera Raffaella Liceto Francesco Di Leva Peppe Lanzetta Patrizio Raspo

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