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Fear of Loving (Paura di Amare)

Part 4

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Stefano Loi and Carlo discover that Paride has been scamming Loipharma. Mirella discovers that Paride cheated on her and she kicks him out of their house and demands a divorce. Stefano is arrested after Paride makes it seem like he is the one committing the scams.

Genre: Drama My Place

Parental Rating: TV-14

Actors: Giorgio Lupano Erica Banchi Barbara Livi Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Dario Fiorica Mario Falaguasta Ivana Lotito Clotilde Sabatino Teresa Acerbis Paolo Lanza Alberto Molinari Brigitte Christensen Domenico De Santi Predrag Ejdus Ana Bretschneider Benjamin Sadler Ida Di Benedetto

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