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Love is a Four Letter Word

S01 E11: Debt

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Albee finds out that her devil boss actually has feelings. Quentin has started chemo and has been admitted to the hospital. Larissa turns Klaus down and Albee has hired a famous football player to write an autobiography. Angus and Larissa keep having awkward exchanges as they both wrestle with whether or not to tell Albee. Klaus and Larissa shave their heads in honor of Quentin and end up being each other's distractions. The pub gets another noise complaint in the same month and Bernie quits.

Genre: Drama

Parental Rating: TV-14

Actors: Peter Fenton Kate Beahan Paul Barry Leeanna Walsman Linal Haft Matt Doran Teresa Page John Molloy Rudi Baker Joanne Priest Bruce Venables Joel McIlroy Zoe Coyle

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