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Crimes (Crimini)

S02 E06: Mork e Mindy (Mork and Mindy)

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Mork Maranzo always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a police offer. During Mork's graduation from the academy, his father dies in a violent failed drug bust of one of the city's largest dealers.Years later, Mork positions himself to join the undercover unit to assigned to take down a big man in the Perugia's heroin trade. He is the man known for shooting Mork's father.

Genre: Drama

Parental Rating: TV-MA

Actors: Marco Foschi Francesca Inaudi Francesco Siciliano Branko Djuric Alessandro Prete Mario Porfito Rosaria Russo Federico Pacifici Antonio Gerardi Edoardo Leo Ninetto Davoli Juliet Esey Joseph Hedy Krissane

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